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Library Board


Library Board Members

Interim President: Dawn Brooks,

1st Vice President: Donna Donato,

2nd Vice-President: James Lee,

Secretary: Gayle Steltenpohl,

Treasurer: Denise Leonard,

Daniel Arevalo;

Jan Knutson,

Wendy LaFauce,

Brenda Obilade,



2022/2023 library budget

Approved by the Library Board


Board Meetings

The board meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm, except for July and December. Additional committee meetings may be held monthly,  In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, notice of such meetings is posted 48 hours in advance on the Ida Public Library website and in the display box at the lower entrance of the library.  Notice includes the agenda for the meeting and may or may not include a packet of additional information.


2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are posted after approval by the Library Board of Trustees 


01/06/22 Personnel Committee
01/11/22 Expansion Committee
01/19/22 Building and Grounds Committee
01/20/22 Policy Committee
01/25/22 Library Board of Trustees Meeting
01/26/22 Finance Committee


02/16/22 Building and Grounds Committee
02/17/22 Expansion Committee
02/22/22 Library Board of Trustees Meeting
02/23/22 Marketing Committee-Cancelled


03/03/22 Policy Committee 
03/09/22 Finance Committee
03/16/22 Building and Grounds Committee
03/22/2022 Library Board of Trustees Meeting


04/17/22 Policy Committee
04/12/22 Marketing Committee-Cancelled
04/13/22 Building and Grounds Committee
04/14//22 Expansion Committee Meeting-Cancelled
04/25/22 Marketing Committee-Rescheduled
04/26/22 Library Board of Trustees Meeting


05/03/22 Emergency Board Meeting
05/18/22 Building and Grounds Committee
05/24/22 Library Board of Trustees Meeting


06/07/22 Emergency Board Meeting
06/15/22 Building and Grounds Committee
06/28/22 Library Board of Trustees Meeting


07/12/22 Policy Meeting
07/13/22 Expansion Committee
07/26/22 Library Board of Trustees Meeting






Apply for the Board

The Ida Public Library is accepting applications for upcoming Board of Trustee openings.  If you would like to submit an application, please see below. 

Upon receipt of your information, a board member will contact you to discuss the position further, and answer any questions you may have.

In order to serve, you must live within the Belvidere city limits, and be approved by the mayor and the city council. Member terms are for 3 years, and we meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month, at the library.

Contact the Board: