Library Cards

Your library card connects you to a world of resources and learning. Register for a card at our circulation desk on the upper level or lower level of the library.  

A Bit about Library Funding

Ida Public Library is funded through city property tax dollars. If you live within the city limits or you own property in Belvidere, you pay for your library card through your taxes. Boone County residents who live outside of incorporated Belvidere do not pay property taxes to the library.  To acquire a card, non-residents pay a fee which is equivalent to the property taxes you would pay to the library if you lived within the city limits. Belvidere city limits can be confusing, so ask us if you are unsure about whether or not you live within them. Find more information about public library funding in Illinois HERE.

How to Get a LIbrary Card

Belvidere Residents

  • Residents or property owners of incorporated Belvidere may obtain a library card at no additional cost.
  • Present a valid photo ID with your current address or an official piece of mail with a valid photo ID.
  • Resident cards expire every three years.

Boone County Residents

  • Residents who live outside of incorporated Belvidere may purchase a library card.
  • The cost is calculated according to your property taxes.
  • Present a valid photo ID with your current address or an official piece of mail with a valid photo ID.
  • Non-Resident cards expire every year.
  • The new SB3497 bill was signed into law on May 13, amending the Illinois Library Act to allow public library boards the option to offer no fee library cards to non-resident children within the service area of the public library.  The board of Ida Public Library determined that these no fee cards were in the best interests of the community and the future of Boone County children.  Therefore, although non-resident adults must still pay the equivalent fee to obtain a library card, children ages 3 to 18 will receive their cards for no fee. 


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Reciprocal Borrowers

Illinois is a Reciprocal Borrowing state, which means that library card holders from one public library may use their cards in any public library within the state of Illinois.  The library card holders residing outside of the public library service area must be in good standing at their home library.  A short registration and a phone call to the reciprocal borrower’s home library are required.  Not all libraries are on the same system, so some Illinois libraries may need to issue a separate reciprocal card.  Please check the public library policy. 

Reciprocal Borrowers at Ida Public Library will have privileges similar to Ida Public Library card holders, though no holds or interlibrary loans will be allowed. Ida Public Library cardholders have priority on all holds lists. Ida Public Library will be able to enter your information in our system and use your current card. 

Disabled American Veterans

Ida Public Library gratefully offers free library cards to Boone County Disabled American Veterans and their dependants.  Please bring your photo ID and tax exemption documents to the upstairs circulation desk.

Library Card Policy

A valid Ida Public Library card is necessary to check out materials and to use the interlibrary loan services. Public computers require a valid Ida Public Library card, Computer Use Only card, or a purchased Guest Pass.

All resident and non-resident card holders have access to all of the Ida Public Library’s materials and services, including electronic materials and databases.

Any materials checked out under a library card are the responsibility of that card holder. That includes materials returned to a book drop bin.

Responsibility for the reading, listening, and viewing of library materials by patrons 18 years old or younger rests with the parents or legal guardians. A parent or legal guardian must sign for persons 18 years old or younger. Library staff will not disclose borrowing records to any persons not listed on the library card account or who are not a linked card holder. Signing your name to the back of any library card agrees to the statements listed above.


Borrowing Policy

Library materials are city property. Patrons will be charged for the replacement cost of materials that are lost or damaged, plus a processing fee.

Borrowing time limits are as follows:

Books and Audiobooks – 3 weeks
Music CDs – 3 weeks

Magazines – 3 weeks
Movies – 1 week
Interlibrary Loan – Varies according to the lending library


Most materials may be renewed twice unless it has been reserved for another patron. Renewals may be made by in person, by phone or online at the catalog.


Fines will be levied for any materials not returned by the due date stamped at the time the materials are checked out of the library.

Adult Materials – 10 cents per day
Children’s Materials – 10 cents per day
Videos – 50 cents per day
Audiobooks, Music CDs – 10 cents per day

Checkout Limits

Child Card – 30 items
Adult Card – 50 items
DVDs – 10 per card including DVDs from other libraries