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Program Registration


Several of our virtual programs require registration. To register, simply click the links below.

BYOB – Bring Your Own Book Club

6PM – Thursday, March 4, April 8, May 6

BYOB has gone virtual! This unique book club is a little different—because you can read whatever you want. Join Mindy and fellow book lovers via Zoom as we discuss what we’ve been reading and create a suggested reading list to be shared on social media each month. Don’t want to video chat? Join the conversation over the phone.

Virtual Murder Mystery

April 1-15

Virtual Murder Mystery is back!  Step into the shoes of FBI Behavioral Analyst Dr. Casey Gold once again to solve the case of the Nevermore Strangler.  This cunning killer has been terrorizing the Eastern seaboard for weeks and is now toying with investigators, daring to be caught.  Can you find him before he kills again?  Play at your own pace but return your guess by April 15 for a chance to win a mystery board game. Due to the dark nature of the game, participants should be 18 and older.  

*Access to a computer is required to watch the videos and download materials.  Please let library staff know if you would like to play the game but do not have computer access. 

Mysterious Creatures of Illinois

6PM – Wednesday, March 31

Chad Lewis is a nationally known researcher, author, and lecturer of the strange and unusual.  For the last 20 years, he has traveled the globe in search of unique and bizarre stories.  Join Ida and the Cherry Valley Public Library on a special Zoom presentation with Chad.  He will showcase his on-site investigations of the Bigfoot of the south, lake monsters, phantom aliens and Hellhounds roaming rural Illinois. Filled with witness drawings, eye-witness testimony, weird photos, and bizarre sound clips, this presentation brings the investigation right to the audience.  Space limited to the first 50 participants.

The Belle of Amherst – The Story of Emily Dickinson

6PM – Thursday, April 22

Join Ida and the Cherry Valley library in a Zoom presentation about the  renowned poet, Emily Dickinson.  International Storyteller and Actress, Paddy Lynn, presents: “Meet Emily Dickinson, the Belle of Amherst.” Audiences are welcomed into the home of Miss Dickinson and are treated to her warmth and hospitality as they hear her share her fondest memories of life in Amherst, Massachusetts. Laugh, cry, and reminisce with Emily as she speaks of her childhood, life before and after the Civil War, and all the important people who surrounded her. Delight in her emotional and intellectual charm, and all her eccentricities as she shares some of her most memorable poems. Discover why Emily Dickinson, with an opus of more than 1,775 poems to her name, has become one the country’s most preeminent poets of the nineteenth century and perhaps, all literary tradition. Space limited to 50 participants.

Museum of Bad Art

6PM – Wednesday, May 19

Join Ida and Cherry Valley Library in a Zoom introduction to The Museum Of Bad Art .  The MOBA collects, exhibits, and celebrates art that would never make it in a traditional museum. How did MOBA get started? What art is bad? Who decides? With an art-filled presentation, we’ll answer these questions and more. We’ll describe MOBA’s founding over 25 years ago and the dazzling media tsunami that led to MOBA exhibits around the US, in Canada, and in Tokyo and Taiwan. Sections of the Museum include “Poor Traits”, “Unlikely Landscapes”, “MOBA Zoo”, and others. Space limited to 50 participants.