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Virtual Halloween Party 

Each week of October has a different theme. Enter as many as you like!  All contests are open to all ages. Work individually or as a group/family.

Pumpkin Decorating & Costume Contests are now Closed

It’s time to vote!

Thank you all for your costume and pumpkin entries! Click the link below to vote for your favorites. Voting will take place until Friday, October 30th and winners will be announced on Halloween!!!
While we wait for the votes, share your favorite campfire stories with us by recording yourself reading or telling a story and sending it to us at, and check out our Youtube page for more spooky and silly Halloween stories!

Week 4: Campfire Stories

This is a fun, non-contest event where you can share your favorite campfire stories! Even though we can’t be together in person, we can share the experience of being around the campfire swapping stories virtually. We’ll be accepting recordings (video or audio) from interested participants to be posted on our Youtube page for everyone to enjoy long-distance.  There is no voting, and no prizes for this event except for the fun of sharing stories!

What kind of stories can I submit?

Stories should be all ages appropriate, but other than that, anything goes! Read your favorite spooky picture book, share your favorite Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, or tell the silly campfire story your parents used to tell while camping. Or read your own original story!

How Can I Submit My Story?

First, record your story. You can do this with a web camera, a phone voice recorder, or however you’d like. It can be a video, or it can be just audio.  Next, attach the file to an email addressed to Finally, let us know in the body of the email:

  • Name of Reader:

  • Title of Story:

  • Is this an original story? If not, what is the original source?:

  • Do you give us permission to post this recording on our Youtube page? (yes or no):

  • Do you give us permission to put your name on your submission on our social media? (yes or no) (if no, we’ll mark your submission as Anonymous):