Ida Public Library Internet User's Agreement

  1. I will limit my Internet use to 30 minutes at a time for a maximum of 1 hour per day. I understand that this time limit is enforced by the library's Internet access software. Staff have the capability to override the time limit at their discretion.
  2. If I am under the age of 18, I must have a signed Parent Permission to use the Internet (form below).
  3. If I am 14 years old or younger, a parent must be present for monitoring and supervising my use of the Internet.
  4. I will pay 15 cents each for all pages printed in black and white and 25 cents for all color pages.
  5. I understand Staff will assist patrons with the Internet use as time permits but cannot offer personal instruction.
  6. I understand that only one person at a time is permitted at each Internet station.
  7. I will not download information or software to the library's hard drive.
  8. I will not use library Internet stations to send, receive, or display obscene materials, child pornography, and/or materials prohibited under local, state, or federal laws.
  9. I will not alter the library's software or hard drives in any way or attempt to change any security, setup, or menu software. I will not reset the computer or turn it off. I will report any computer problems to the main desk.
  10. I understand the library does not provide e-mail accounts. However, I may access free, Web-based e-mail accounts through the library Internet stations.
  11. I understand that if I do not follow the guidelines above, I may be barred from using the library's computers.
A parent or legal guardian is required to sign for children under 18 years of age: My child and I have discussed the rules for using the Internet set by the library. My child understands the rules. I acknowledge that the library staff cannot be responsible for supervising children's use of the Internet.