Library Cards

girlreading-optResidents of the City of Belvidere may obtain library cards for free by producing identification showing their current address since they or their landlords pay library property taxes.

Non-Resident Library Fees (Updated 4/21/17)

Boone County residents who live outside of corporated Belvidere may purchase *family library cards that provide the same services and privileges as city residents since they don’t pay library property taxes. The tax bill method is used to determine the cost. The annual fee is .20% (.0020) of the assessed valuation or the taxable value of the property of residence. It would help us greatly if you would bring in your current tax bill when applying for a card. However, we can look it up on the county assessor’s website if you don’t have it. However, you will then need proof of residency such as a driver’s license or a current piece of mail.

For example if the taxable value (approximately one-third of the assessed value) of your home was $50,000, the annual cost of your library card would be $100. (50,000 x .002 = 100)

Non-resident renters are assessed 20% (.20) of the amount of their monthly rent. A rent receipt or cancelled rent check is required as proof of rent. If your rent was $600, the annual cost of your card is $120.

Fees are calculated on an individual basis.

The minimum cost of a card is $35.00.

*A family card will provide you with library cards for every member of your household.

Want to know the true value of a library card? Check out the Library Value Calculator.