Ida Public Library Internet Policy


Ida Public Library views the Internet as a resource that helps fulfill the Library’s mission to meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs of its patrons.

Internet access is for all users of Ida Public Library are available on selected public workstations and on the iPads.


People accessing the Internet at the Library do so at their own risk.

  • Content

The Ida Public Library is not responsible for the content of Internet resources, which may be inaccurate, unreliable, out-of-date, offensive, or unavailable.

  • Damages

The Library is not responsible for any damages its users may suffer as a result of using the Internet, including but not limited to loss of data resulting from delays or interruptions in service, corrupted files downloaded at Library workstations, or actions taken on the basis of misinformation.

  • Financial Obligations

The library is not responsible for financial obligations its users incur as a result of using the Internet.


  • Training

The Library’s staff assists users with basic Internet use as time permits but do not offer in-depth personal instruction.

  • Information Requests

Although staff is not available to offer in-depth Internet instruction, they are available to help users find information. Library staff uses their best judgement in selecting information sources, which in addition to the Internet include the Library’s collections of books, periodicals, databases, and other resources.

  • Plug-in Software

Plug-in software allows certain Internet features to be utilized on the Library workstations. The Library will consider user requests to upgrade or load specific programs or versions.


  • Parental Responsibility

As with other print or audio-visual materials, the Internet contains some material that may be inappropriate for viewing or reading by children. It is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardians of minor children to supervise their children’s access to Internet resources in the Library.

  • Age Restrictions

When using the Internet, a child under the age of 8 must be accompanies at the workstation by a responsible person, age 14 or older.


Users of the Internet are expected to act in a considerate, ethical, and responsible manner.

By using public Internet workstations (including iPads) at Ida Public Library, users agree to refrain from disruptive, damaging, or criminal behavior, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures
  • Library internet stations may not be used to send, receive, or display obscene materials, child pornography, and/or materials prohibited under local state or federal laws
  • Using obscene language
  • Harassing, insulting, or attacking others, on the Internet or at the workstation
  • Disobeying Internet or Internet site “rules of conduct”
  • Accessing another individual’s personal materials, information, password, or files
  • Modifying software or programs installed on Library Internet workstations
  • Installing personal software on Library workstations
  • Violating copyright laws
  • Engaging in activities which violate any local, state, or federal law
  • Intentionally wasting limited Library resources


  • Youth Services–Workstations

Workstations in the Youth Services Department are intended for use by youth ages 18 or below; if workstations are available, adults who have children with them may use the computer but priority will be given to users ages 18 and younger.

  • Youth Services—iPads and iPad Minis

iPads and iPad Minis in the Youth Services Department are intended for youth ages 18 or below and must be used in the Youth Services Department.


  • Reasonable Use

The Library staff are specifically authorized and instructed to develop such rules and procedures as are necessary to insure the fair and reasonable use of Internet resources, including but not limited to reservations, limits on durations of use, number of persons sharing a workstation, etc.

  • Staff Oversight

The Library staff are specifically authorized and instructed to inspect and/or observe the use made of Library Internet equipment and resources for purposes of enforcement of Library policies and procedures.

  • Revocation of Privileges

The Library staff are specifically authorized and instructed to suspend or permanently terminate Internet access for users found in violation of Library policies or procedures.